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Don Dickel - A Family Legacy in Flooring

Somewhere around the first part of the twentieth century, during the Great Depression, Don Dickel’s grandfather started as a handyman in New Jersey. His father would go onto build houses as a general contractor, while his uncle would specialize in the refinishing of hardwood floors. Learning from these skilled tradesmen, Don began as an apprentice in 1975, and opened his own business in 1983.

Back in those days, the unions were very strong, most members of the construction industry were banded together by the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. A Floor Refinisher was part of the Painter’s Union, and a Floor Installer was part of the Carpenter’s Union. It wasn’t until 1970 that they began to see smaller nonunion companies emerge. They would do both refinishing and installation of wood floors.

Don’s generations was the first to venture out into installing VCT, LVT, ceramic tile, and all phases of wood and manufactured flooring types and open to embracing new ideas and trends in the floor industry; all the while, dedicated to providing genuine services and sustainable products to the communities of Midcoast Maine.

Over the years Don has worked with and learned from many talented people, to include the National Wood Flooring Association,where he earned certificates in:

  • Professional Installation and Finishing
  • Advanced Technical Training
  • Professional Sand and Finish

Don feels as though there is always enough work to go around. He encourages his crew members to keep an open mind to the constant changes in wood flooring, and finishes; and methods to restoration and repair, especially when it comes to old floors - as they are very much a piece of history worth saving.



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