About Us



Somewhere around the 1st part of last century, my grandfather started off during the depression as a handyman in New Jersey. My father would go onto build houses and general contracting, while my uncle would specialize in the refinishing of wood floors. Back in those days, the unions were very strong and a floor refinisher was part of the painters union and a floor installer was part of the carpenters unions. They never did both until the 70's saw smaller nonunion companies emerged. They would do both refinishing and installation of wood floors. My generations was the 1st to venture out to do VCT, LVT, ceramics as well as all phases of wood flooring. Now in the view of the next genteration, we stand to embrace new ideas and trends. 


Our Vision

Our mission is the to be fair and give the best service we can with honesty and value and to treat everyone as an individual.