Do we sell just flooring?

No, we sell much more than just flooring! We offer supplies for floor treatments, adhesives, fasteners, underlayments, and cleaning materials. For more information about supplies, see the retail side of our business at Dickel Floor Supply.

What do we offer for "green" flooring?

Maine Wood Floors offers a wide array of “green” and sustainable products. Most notable are our bamboo products - due to their fast regeneration and healthy harvesting - bamboo is also biodegradable, recyclable, and regerates 35% more oxygen…

What do we recommend for flooring in finished basements?

Anything below ground (also referred to as below grade) is at risk for vapor damage and flooding, so we do not recommend solid hardwood flooring. In these instances, below grade we recommend engineered wood, tile or vinyl flooring options -…

What do we recommend for high-traffic areas?

It is important to us to understand a bit about your living conditions - what type of traffic the floor will be handling on a day to day basis. Is this in an entryway that will be exposed to the elements - mud, sand, moisture - we could suggest…

What is the best flooring type recommended for a home located near water?

If your home is near a water source such as a pond, lake, river or the ocean - moisture should be acknowledged in selecting your flooring type. You may want to consider options other than wood, such as porcelain and ceramic tiles. Keep in mind…

What is the best floor type recommended for pet owners?

There is no direct answer to thi. We do make recommendations for scratch-resistant flooring, sound absorption flooring, and considerations for cleaning abilities and traction with your four-legged companions in mind.

Questions We Ask Our Customers

  What are the dimensions of the room? This is where we can better make recommendations for materials, and provide you with more accurate quotes to cost, timeframe, and any design considerations.   Is there a lot of…

Where Do I Start? 

Getting Started  Starting a project can be daunting, whether you are thinking about getting a new floor installation, or refinishing an existing floor. First things first, you should start by measuring the dimensions of the room. Knowing…


Looking for a quote, but don't know the dimensions of your floor? Leave the measuring to the professionals!