Questions We Ask Our Customers


  1. What are the dimensions of the room?
    This is where we can better make recommendations for materials, and provide you with more accurate quotes to cost, timeframe, and any design considerations.


  1. Is there a lot of natural light in the room?
    This can offer insight into more suitable flooring tones for that specific room. We may even recommend UV resistant or protective flooring types.


  1. Is this a high-traffic area?
    Providing us with some insight into the living conditions allows us to invest some thought into your investment, and helping you to select the right product that suits you and your family’s needs.


  1. Are you concerned about exposure to moisture?
    Providing information about water sources nearby, or if it is below ground can help us guide you on the right flooring choices.


Looking for a quote, but don't know the dimensions of your floor? Leave the measuring to the professionals!