Gym Floor Refinishing

Are you responsible for the care and maintenance of your gym floor? Ask around about the crew at Maine Wood Floors a division of Dickel Floor Supply in Winterport, Maine.

We’ve refurbished dozens of gymnasiums throughout Maine. It’s very likely we sanded and refinished the gymnasium floor for the community next to you. Trust Maine Wood Floors to give your gym floors the careful attention they deserve.

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Reinvest in Your Community’s Gym Floor

A well maintained hardwood gym floor has a lifetime value of between 50 to 60 years. Plan on sanding and refinishing your gym floor on average every twelve years to get the best return. By doing so you’ll protect your investment and make your community proud.

The Maine Wood Floors crew will not only sand and refinish your gym floor but can arrange for line and logo painting to make your gym floor really pop! Do you need us to match your pantone colors? We can do that! How about a stain to show the wood floor beneath the logo? We can do that too!


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Let’s Work On the Details

The Maine Wood Floors crew will sand the floor multiple times - using a scale of grit paper ranging from coarse to fine - until the floor is smooth. Our sanders are connected to a vacuum to minimize dust dispersion.

Next, we’ll start the refinishing process using either water-based or oil-based seal coats. At Maine Wood Floors were mindful of VOC’s. Keep in mind Maine restricts VOC’s to 350 g/L. Once the final coat of seal is dried we’ll have the graphics artists mask and tape the logo and lines.

The Finished Product is Absolutely Stunning!

Call or email us now. We can be reached at 207-223-4955 or Contact Us. Choose the best gym floor contractor in Maine to sand and refinish your community’s gym floor.


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