Hardwood Flooring

Want quality workmanship and a beautiful hardwood floor installation? Ask around about Maine Wood Floors. 

It’s very likely, we installed or refinished the wood flooring in your school's gym. It’s even more likely we installed your neighbor’s gorgeous maple floors or oak stair treads.

Trust Maine Wood Floors to provide the same care and attention to your hardwood floors. We’ve been making Bangor region customers happy for over 30 years. And that includes the Mid-Coast from Bar Harbor to Rockland. 

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Either Way - We Install Wood Flooring

It doesn’t matter where you bought your flooring! We professionally install hardwood floors - no matter where you purchased your product. 

Give us a call. We’ll measure out the space and provide a solid estimate. Once approved, we’ll install your hardwood floor as quickly as possible.

Consider Dickel Floor Supply

If you haven’t purchased your hardwood flooring consider our parent company, Dickel Floor Supply in Winterport. 

Dickel Floor Supply has all species of hardwood: 

  • Red oak hardwood floors
  • Maple hardwood floors
  • Birch hardwood floors
  • Hard to find species like bamboo, cherry and walnut. 

If you’ve already purchased your flooring, no worries!  Either way - Maine Wood Floors installs hardwood floors - it’s our core business! 

Why We’re Better Than Home Depot - Lowes - Lumber Liquidators - Lumber Yards 

Our main focus at Maine Wood Floors is hardwood floor installation, refinishing and restoration. Lowes and Home Depot may offer installation services through a subcontractor - your lumber yard might refer you to someone - and Lumber Liquidators, expects you to do it yourself. 

Our team at Maine Wood Floors has thousands of hours of experience. We’ll work with you to create patterns and intricate designs that make your home, yours. If you want your wood floors to generate compliments call us today. 

Once, the flooring is chosen count on the team at Maine Wood Floors to do what they do best, professionally install and finish your beautiful new hardwood floor. 


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