Hardwood Floor Restoration

You know there is a beautiful wood floor waiting to be restored under your carpet or linoleum. Wonder what will it take to repair and restore it?

Ask around about Maine Wood Floors.

It’s very likely the crews from Maine Wood Floors have repaired and restored the hardwood floor in your neighbor’s home.

Trust the restoration crews of Maine Wood Floors to repair and restore fire damage, water damage, deep gouges, nail holes, splintered and broken floor boards. We’re not afraid of dried up linoleum cement or Bondo either.

We’ve been making Bangor region customers happy for over 30 years. And that includes the Mid-Coast region from Bar Harbor to Rockland.

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We Repair Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors lend themselves to being repaired and restored. When our crew is finished you can raise the shades and truly enjoy the natural patina of your hardwood floors. It’s OK to get excited because you’ve just added more beauty to your living space.

Why wait? Give Maine Wood Floors a call. We’ll provide a solid estimate. Once approved we’ll give your floor the finished look it deserves.

Thinking of Doing It Yourself - Consider Dickel Floor Supply

Are you thinking about taking on the challenge of doing it yourself. Our sister company Dickel Floor Supply in Winterport, Maine fully supports contractors and DIY’s. Dickel offers everything you need to sand and finish your floor. Dickel offers:

  • Drum Sanders and Edge Sanders - professional grade
  • Sandpaper by Norton and Starke
  • Stains, Varnishes and Finishes - best in the business
  • How to Repair and Restore Hardwood Floors Advice - should you need it

Our Focus: Restoring the Natural Beauty of Wood Floors

We’ve repaired and restored many hardwood floors in the Bangor and Mid-Coast Region. You may think your floor can’t be salvaged but our trained crews never disappoint. They’ll give your floors the love and attention they deserve. And, be respectful and attentive to your needs.

When we’re done, your family and friends will wonder what happened and compliment you on the renewed beauty of your hardwood floors. You may wonder why you waited so long?

Don’t wait. Choose the best contractor in the Bangor and Mid-Coast Region for quality hardwood floor restoration and repair - Maine Wood Floors.

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Looking to refinish or restore an existing hardwood floor? Or are you looking to install something new?

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